バチカン御用達ローマの老舗コーヒー会社が発信するMorganti Caffè Bar

“Morganti Caffè Bar”

モルガンティ カフェ・バール


1890年創業の、ローマの老舗コーヒー商モルガンティ社による、本物のイタリアンコーヒーを愛する大人のための本格的カフェバールコンセプトがMorganti Caffè Bar。世界最古のコーヒーロースター一族が5世代に渡り情熱を持って守り・伝承してきたコーヒーの味と文化を日本をはじめ世界に発信していきます。



A new authentic Italian Cafe-Bar concept  by a renowned coffee roaster, Caffè Morganti of Rome, founded in 1890 whose location is considered to be one of the commercial landmarks of the historic city.                                                       Pope John Paul II was among their loyal fans of their Espresso, and now you can enjoy the great taste treasured for 5 generations of the Morganti Family not only in its stylish modern Italian cafe environment but also at your home in a variety of styles, whole and ground beans, Nespresso/Lavazza system-compatible capsules and E.S.E. pods.

Caffè Morganti will serve not only its famous Espresso and other coffee drinks but also food and alcoholic beverages on the menu just like their popular landmark cafe in Rome.










Caffè Morganti was settled in 1890, in the historic center  of Rome, by Romeo Morganti, an apothecary dramatically  in love with  coffee.

At that time, consumers used to buy raw coffee, whatever  they found, often not of the same type, and roast it at  home with pan shaped roasters. The result was an often  badly and unblended roasted coffee.Romeo designed  and made one of the first roasting machines of the time  and this  helped to  revolutionize the  coffee sector.

No longer anonymous and non-constant taste coffee, but  harmoniously balanced blends, with a characteristic and  consistent aroma, where every type of coffee contributes  to  its  taste, as the  notes in a concert.

Since then Caffè Morganti has expanded up to now,  adding modern production systems to craftsmanship like  attention which has always distinguished it. We like to  think that the result of our tradition and our researches could  reflect our love and passion for this fascinating beverage,  making the simple gesture of drinking a coffee, a special  and unique moment.

Our activity is environment-friendly, with respect to  physical and human ones. Recycling, using biocompatible  materials, clean fuels, use of energy from renewable  sources, these are some of the actions we are putting into  place. The attention to the environment shows even an  SME (small or medium enterprise) can contribute actively  to its safeguarding, generation after generation, day by  day…

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